It was February in 2014 and I was searching for the perfect gift for my boyfriend (now husband!) Unable to find exactly what I wanted, that meant something to both of us, I  decided it would be easier to just make it myself... so I did! I created a print for our home with 2 little penguins, our names and special date. He loved it (penguins have always been our thing!) and that was it - thisisdanielleuk was born!
I believe a gift should be special. I know how important it is to find that thoughtful present that is truly meaningful. My range of personalised prints make a memorable, unique gift that will be cherished for a lifetime and make the ones you love, smile.
As well my personalised prints my range also includes greetings cards, stationary and enamel pins. You’ll see most feature animals, which is my biggest inspiration!
7 years later I still look up at those two little penguins and smile, thanking them for being the ones who opened the doors on my journey to building my creative business.
I hope you find something you love!